Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SHOOTS..... my blog is dead... hahahhaha... just here to fool around ppl...  i HOPE i can put more time here... but.... u noe.... im a BUSY guy. XD so yea... 

SORRY  people.... 
signing out....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


lalala... SO~.. January and february is kinda of like ending. So that means major competitions in Sabah is  almost done... YAY!  So now i'm looking forward to competitions like N.A.G and Malysian Open. So its just training and training and training. People like tution teachers and teachers in school are like asking me to slow down on swimming. So maybe after april or may i'll be slowing down on swimming and start studying(i hope so =O). 

I'm starting my photography thing in church dy. So i'm like the so called 'MAIN PHOTOGRAPHER' for the media team in church, so you all might be seeing nice pictures in my blog. I hope I wont be lazy uploading them so people please do remind me to blog em up. =)
Dats all from me this time peeps, until next time. 

Thursday, January 22, 2009


erm... so.. i wasnt updating my blog lately, so sorry people. 
Here i would wish my relatives and friends a very Happy Chinese New year.
Hope all of u have a prosperous year and may all of u have good health

Thursday, December 18, 2008

18/12/2008-Gaya Christmas

So... Gaya christmas stuff is finally over, had our performance yesterday. So for people who missed it thats too bad. XD Overall it was great and everyones satisfied. But before the
 performance  everyone was so very nervous but we did something that will calm us all that is  
CAMWHORE!!! Haha... But we also prayed la. Stuff like who's taking d props up the stage and 
who's taking it down was all mixed up, but we still manage to organize it last minute. After the 
show, we were request to to do it again in Berjaya  Palace Hotel for christmas. But due to some 
TECHNICAL problems i don't think we're gonna do it. Took some pictures so take a look guys .
         zombie take 1

          zombie take 2

          zombie attack on Chris

                                        Amanda*homo* and Jia Hui*zomb*

                                         Zomb Jia Hui and Zomb Ziao Zhu

                                             Zomb Jia Hui and David

                                            Chris 'BROWN' and Jia hui

          C.A.Ts in action 1

           C.A.Ts in action 2

         C.A.Ts in action 3

             Zomb Jia Hui and Zomb Garry
            after performance

              Group Photo

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Taman Antarabangsa

  Last sunday was Taman Antarabangsa Christmas Celebration at Taman Antarabangsa community hall. So morning no church session lor. Stayed at home the whole morning to rot,sleep then eat then play computer cause the celebration thing starts at 4.30. 
 Afternoon 3 o'clock we left the house to pick chris up. Then Jia Jun said she has to pick my cousin up from the airport and his flight time was 2 from KL. I was so angry and then we started quarreling la. As u all see 2 o'clock flight earliest 4.30 only arrive then have to take bags and immigration stuff sure need half an hour right? Then get to the car also 5 o'clock dy lar, from airport to Taman Antarabangsa need half an hour plus jam and stuff get there also 6 o'clock edi. Impossible to see them dance dy, but my sis say sure can cause got speeches and stuff. Was extremely angry so din talk the whole way there. When we got there, the dance ngam ngam finish so was even angry la. After that was moody the whole evening, then have to serve food again, but still had lots of fun playing,joking and most happy of em all TAKING PICTURES!!!!! 
    my line is currently lousy so will upload d pictures to friendster and facebook. so people if u all want to see those pics please go to my profile in friendster and facebook. Thats all for this time and there's a  monkey in your pants i think... XD

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm sick.=(

Im sick people. Thats bad news cause i cant train for this moment. Gaya christmas is coming up also and im damn worried bout d role im playing in d drama, so people please do pray for me.

Monday, December 8, 2008

hi earthlings. Jia hui is now officially blogging. This is what i promised  myself actually after all d things that happened.  Thats all and i think a monkey is in my pants. X)